Additional Services

Goodwin has specialty trained teams, in the wide variety of services listed below, to resolve all your industrial electrical needs.

Maintenance and Emergency Shutdowns

Whether it is a planned changeover or an emergency repair situations, Goodwin will get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

Temporary Staffing Services

Goodwin can supply you with electricians who are professionally trained in troubleshooting, machine upgrades, installations and support for programmable logic controllers, and regular plant maintenance, for as long as you need them, during busy periods, employee holidays, or sick relief.

Electrical Design & Engineering

By utilizing years of industry experience, Goodwin is able to provide design-assist and design-build services that reduce construction costs, expedites project schedules, and produces an installation optimized for maximized up-time and minimal maintenance.  By partnering with professional engineering firms, Goodwin can deliver a fully engineered turnkey installation.

Controls and Automation

From a limit switch on a line to a whole new automation control system, we can install, repair and program all your manufacturing automation systems.

Communication Networks

From new installations to industrial network system upgrades, we can provide a complete communication system (fibre optic | copper) that is professionally designed, installed, and certified to ANSI/IEEE/TIA standards.

Thermal Imaging

Before problems with your distribution system can result in costly downtime or personal injury, our technicians can identify issues with thermal imaging cameras and preform preventative maintenance.  Each inspection includes a detailed report for you and your insurance company.

Power Quality

Poor power quality can lead to excessive heat buildup and premature failure of motors, variable frequency drives, and distribution switchgear.  Goodwin’s trained technicians have the equipment and expertise to analyze your power systems and make recommendation for corrective actions that will improve equipment lifespan, while also reducing your monthly energy costs.